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Polyurethane Solid Tyre

Affix Cold Tread Co. Also offers a vast range of solid rubber tyres , solid tyres, polyurethane rubber tires, which were designed and specially elaborated for industrial material handling equipment. Its main characteristic is its extra resistance to tear and wear, its longer lifetime, extra durability and Maximum load capacity.

Polyurethane Solid Tyre
Polyurethane Solid Tyre

Properties of Millable polyurethane (P.U. Rubber grade):-

Abrasion Resistance: This polyurethane rubber provides the highest abrasion resistance of any rubber, synthetic of natural.

Excellent Oil, Fuel and solvent Resistance: Polyurethanes have comparable oil and solvent resistance to medium nitrile rubber and better fuel resistance.

Very high tensile strength and tear strength: value exceeding 34.5 Mpa (5000 Psi) tensile strength and 70Kn/m (400lb/in) tear strength are obtainable.

High ozone and oxygen resistance: The saturated backbone of the urethane polymer does not permit attack by ozone of oxygen.

Excellent resistance to compression set: peroxide cured polyurethanes have excellent set resistance.

We take order as per customized size and any type of solid tyre.

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